In order to assist my mushroom bags a little in growing I made this so-called “Shotgun Fruiting Chamber” that I stumbled upon here. It’s an easy concept, but afaics it makes perfect sense so I’m going to try it.

It’s a container to a.) keep humidity high, b.) allow for airflow and c.) let some light in – the three things mushrooms like to have when fruiting. The method (and the quirky name) is well explained under the above link and I don’t think my adaptations will do any harm. I had the main items still on hand in the basement and just had to buy some planting granulate (perlite wasn’t available).

Here’s a materials list:

  • Translucent plastic container, large enough to hold your growing bags and still provide some additional space
  • In my case, some wire mesh to cover the air holes
  • Some perlite or planting granules, enough to fill the bottom of the container to about 5mm
  • Optional: A hygrometer

Let’s see how it works 馃檪