Well, yes, it’s called “Cotswold” correctly, named after a beautiful region in the southern UK where it originated from. But “Codsworth” sounds so much better for an old Fallout Fan 🙂

I used a recipe from Gavin Webber’s (a high priest of home cheese making → YT and IG) cheese making book – trustworthy, well explained and easy to follow, I recommend that book! Everything went well and resulted in a beautiful little piece of cheese. It’s now air-drying and is waiting for ripening in the fridge.

I tried cheesemaking a good many times now, it’s a rewarding and satisfying hobby (also, you can hit it big in your family with delicious homemade cheese). So here are some impressions from the process. Behold and admire my “Redneck-Cheese-Making-Factory” in action:


Resources that helped me a lot:

Keep Calm and Make Cheese – by Gavin Webber
Cheese52 – on YouTube
Artisan Cheese Making at Home – by Mary Karlin