I stumbled upon a Kindle complete works edition of H. P. Lovecraft (▸wikipedia: de|en) and can’t stop reading. I read this guy’s novels and stories when I was a teenager and I liked his storytelling and his way of narration very much. IMHO, horror stories like the ones Lovecraft wrote are good because there is no distinct picture of the subject itself – it all relies on the reader’s imagination.

Narrow-minded fellows 😉 will object Lovecraft is overrated, his narratives being too harmless and “failing to make them feel any horror or anxiety” – well that might the case nowadays.

Modern horror stories and of course well-made and immersive movies have opened entirely new dimensions of scaring the reader and giving the audience the creeps, but contextualized to his times, he’s genuinely inventive and progressive. I bet he scared the shit out out of people back then.

Lovecraft is great, I love him and though some might perceive his writing as a little outdated, most of his work is clearly worth the read.




Edit (09.02.23): Read all of it and can recommend it even more now!