Anyone like dried tomatoes as much as I do? They’re versatile and delicious and I like to use them mostly in pasta sauces, so it was time again for me to make some. It’s a simple process, especially with the aid of a food dehydrator, but it can also be easily done in your trusty old kitchen oven.

You’ll need: 1kg of good, ripe tomatoes and coarse salt.

Cut the tomatoes in half and remove liquid and seeds with a teaspoon. Place them, cut side down, on several layers of kitchen paper to dry them off well. Once dry, place them, cut side up on your dehydrator or oven tray and sprinkle on coarse/kosher salt. Dry them in the dehydrator at 65 °C (150 °F) for about 10 hours.

They’re done when they’re pliable like a rubbery substance and no moisture exits when pinched with your fingers.

Store them in a clean glass jar in a cool, dark place. You can submerge them in olive oil and even add your favourite herbs such as oregano, basil or the like. Or you just keep them dry (then, it’s a good idea to add one of those little desiccant bags to retain any excess moisture).