I got to the local asian grocey store a couple of days ago (there aren’t so many of them here where I live, so unfortunately I don’t do that all too often) and I found a Yakisoba seasoning sauce that the store guy sold me as a kind of japanese staple condiment. Since I hadn’t seen this product in particular until now I of course bought it right away. 

A test-dish with a serious amount of noodles and veggies was very delicious and I can absolutely recommend that brand.

BUT: There’s another brand of sauce that is sold as Tonkatsu sauce which is available much easier here in germany (sometimes even in the average supermarket) and is also a little cheaper. After taste-testing both of them I honestly couldn’t tell any real difference between the two, apart from the second being just a little bit more sour-ish. As far as I can tell, the two can easily substitute each other – if you’re looking for an original japanese ingredient, my opinion is that both are equal. You decide.



1   The newly discovered “Otafoku Yakisoba Sauce”
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2   The (to me) already known “Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce”
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 This is not an advertisement, just my review. The two products are listed for informational purposes.