I made pickled cauliflower and beans using lactic acid fermentation. I know these from my childhood where it was served as an extra to various home-style dishes.

It is basically the same practice as for making Sauerkraut but with some different spices added and a little blanching beforehand. The veggies here are both larger and more firm than thin cabbage slices used for Sauerkraut, and in order to become more pleasant they need a little treatment in advance. I’ll know more in about two weeks.

Ingredients for 2:

~ 500g fresh cauliflower
~ 500g fresh green beans
4 bay leaves
2 tsp. white vinegar
1 tsp. curry powder


Thoroughliest clean your fermentation jar, its lid and a counterweight with boiling water, then place on a fresh and clean kitchen towel, upside down.

Make the brine: To 1 liter of lukewarm water, add 20g of table salt (which gives you a 2%-Solution) and stir until completely dissolved. Add bay leaves, vinegar and curry powder and mix again. Set aside.

Cut the cauliflower into thumb-sized florets, wash and set aside. Remove the ends of the beans and cut in half, then set aside too. In a pot, bring enough salted water to a rolling boil and blanch the cauliflower and the beans separately for 3-4 minutes each. Drain and add both to a large clean bowl and mix.  

Stuff the vegetables into your jar, maing sure to pack them tight. Leave at least 4 cm of space to the rim of the jar. Now fill it up with your brine and put a weight on top. Make sure all the ingredients are completely submerged in the brine.

Add a fermentaion lock (of any kind) and let sit at room temperature in a dark spot for at least 14 days until the fermantation is complete (no more bubbles appear and no more pressure is building up).

Check for any contaminations and enjoy!