Here’s how I make my own bacon (Recipe/How-To):

Homemade Bacon Recipe/How-To


  • 2,5 kg skinless pork belly
  • 30 g/kg curing salt (0.5% sodium nitrite, please read here for food safety!)
  • 10 g/kg brown sugar
  • 3 g/kg freshly ground black pepper

Vacuum-seal and store in your fridge for 14 days, or for calculating 2 days per cm thickness plus 2-3 days safety. Flip over daily. It should become firmer to the touch and give off some liquid, which cures the bacon.

Take out the bacon, pat dry and hang up to dry using kitchen thread for about 24 hrs. A fan will come in handy.

Prepare your smokebox/Smoker with your favourite wood-chips (I used cherrywood – very delicious) and smoke for 8 hours or more, as desired. In my very small smokebox, only 5-6 hours were fully sufficient (there was an atmosphere like on Titan in it). Let sit to rest over night.