Yep. We tried it again and this time we took photos. The new mould (”Oshibako”) has better dimensions and makes more handy pieces. Also, we tried more nori and wasabi mayonnaise. We were so stuffed and happy yesterday evening.

(Information on “Oshizushi” e.g. here or here.)

Here’s how I did it:

I used 18-mm beechwood (conversion tool for Imperial here) and cut all my pieces to size on the bandsaw. I rounded the outward edges and gave everything a little sanding. Do make sure the glue joints are as even and smooth as possible.

After glueing the pieces for the case together, I added a small screw on each side, pre-drilling with 1 mm less (just to make sure – I’m a perfectionist). The top and bottom pieces are just glued.

After the glue was set, I wiped everything down with acetone to remove any dirt and sawdust and coated the whole thing with some cooking oil from the kitchen.

Woosh! Ready to use.