I know that not all folks out there like those cold smoke generators for smoking meat. Many rather rely on the good old openly glowing wood chips in a bowl at the bottom of their smoke house. But for my small batches in my small smoker, these generators come in really handy. Since, unfortunately, the last cold smoke generator wasn’t so much the bringer of happiness, I tried a new approach:

This time the venturi tube is at the bottom of the firebox, instead of at the top. Thus, the intake of the outlet tube is directly where the fun is going on: In the middle of the glowing wood chips. I hope this way it generates more draft because the smoke doesn’t have to travel all they way up through the cold wood chips until it finally reaches the outlet tube.

With this I hope for longer lasting embers, more even burning and – most of all – that it doesn’t die anymore every hour or so. I will report.


(All measurements in milimeters)

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