I made a new batch of meat for curing and smoking. This time I will make two sorts: My standard cured pork (right side) like I already did several times. They’re about 700g each, so I’m planning to smoke one of them after curing and dry the other one.

The other type is “Bresaola” – cured and dried beef. It’s been cured with red wine for 24 hours and is now being cured with salt, sugar and herbs in the fridge. After that It’s going to be dried.

Bresaola Recipe (per 500g of meat):

500 g beef top round
200 ml red wine
3% per weight curing salt (acc. to formula – please read for food safety!) 
20 g Sugar (that’s much) 
10 g dried rosemary 
2,5 g coarse black pepper 

Marinate the beef in the fridge with red wine in a sealed ziploc bag for 24 hours. The cure it twice using half the curing mixture each time for 1 day per cm of thickness plus 1-2 days safety in the second run. Then tie it up and dry in the fridge until you reach a weight loss of 35%.