I’ve got a lot of trees here in the northern germany refuge and now I also finally got a hammock (Amazon) again! I’ve set up hammocks many times before – as a boy scout – but it’s about 25 years since then… so here’s how I used to set up a hammock:

  1. Horizontal space: You’ll need additional 50 – 100 cm on each side of your hammock. So, if your hammock is 3 m long in total, you’ll need at least 4 – 5 m distance between your two mounting points.
  2. Vertical space: The rule of thumb is that you have to mount the hammock about half the height of the distance between the mounting points. Thus: Height = Width / 2.
  3. Attaching: See image. If mounting the hammock to a tree, in order not to damage it you should rely on long enough heavy-duty straps for fastening. Don’t use ropes or even nails or screws.

Now I just have to wait for better weather… 馃槈

Additional info and images here (de).