I finally finished the smoker for the northern germany refuge that I was longing for for so long! It’s design is loosely based on the “munich smoker” at home (see series parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and in action), but with a few modifications, adjustments and additions. But first, some images:

Features include:

  • Outside Firebox
  • 3 grates
  • Tray for thermometer
  • Large door for easy access
  • Bars for hanging ingredients when cold smoking.


Everything was built without any welding since I don’t have a welder here and I used up a lot of parts lying around in the shop, as usual. The project definitely allows for repurposing materials already at hand. Calculating real working time (and not lazy-ing around like me) this project can easily be done in one day, except the painting.

The first test turned out very satisfactory. It needs much less coals to fire up and reach a reasonable temperature and due to the outside firebox it is fairly easy to regulate (and much easier to clean). What is still missing is a fitting kettle grill lid, so I can replace the original barrel’s lid.

All in all: I’m proud that I can report success!