I’ve got an eMail Request from far abroad, that’s great! Someone from the U.S. wanted to know how we made the pig’s trotters and tails several years ago, so here’s the recipe. Thanks Alan for your request!

  1. Get pig’s trotters and tails from your local butcher. They’re cheap and he will be glad to get rid of them. Buy more than you think, because they’re yummy and they don’t deliver much meat.
  2. Prepare one or more baking sheet(s) with baking paper and arrange your pork pieces in a single layer. They must not overlap (or, to be frank: Just never mind 馃檪 )
  3. Sprinkle them with cooking oil (plain and simple sunflower oil).
  4. Season them liberally. There are several possibilities:
    • Simple salt and pepper seasoning
    • Use “Old Bay Seasoning” (afaik readily available widely in the U.S.) – very delicious
    • Use your favourite BBQ-Rub (e.g. here and here)
  5. Set your oven to 220 掳C (~ 430 掳F), fan-assisted (is this translation correct?), and shove the trays in on the middle rack. Let them cook until done (about 25 – 30 mins.) 

They will give off a good amount of fat/oil, they will be crispy, yummy and absolutely unhealthy 馃檪 . Great for having a convivial and relaxed evening with gnawing pork, drinking beer and laughing.