Thinking about various occasions where an “emergency kit” might come in handy lately, here’s also my list of things that I carry around with me by default – I don’t even notice it in my pocket anymore. Nobody needs any more than that if he’s not in, like, Canada’s wilderness 🙂

In a small Tin: 

  • 2m Cord
  • 2m Wire
  • Lighter/Strike-anywhere Matches
  • € 50,- Emergency Money
  • 2 Safety Pins
  • 2 Band Aids
  • 2 Hard Painkillers
  • Mini-Flashlight
In my Pockets: 

  • Multitool/Knife (Pocket)
  • Encrypted USB-Stick with Infos (Wallet)
  • Personal Info (Wallet)

Also available for download here.

(Prepping rulez… 🙂 )

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