I finally finished my Outdoor-/Fishing Knife that I was working on for so long this time. See previous posts #1, #2 and #3 if you like. It’s made from 3 mm 90MnCrV8 steel (type 1.2842), hardened at ~830 °C, quenched in oil and annealed for two hours at 210 °C in the oven. The scales are mahagoni with a cutout for the glass breaker at the end of the handle.

I do know that the grinding marks are absolutely visible, and I left them there on purpose: I did all the grinding by hand this time (I simply had no grinder at hand when I was doing it), using only a file and a grinding jig. A sweaty and effortful work that I’d like to show off a little 🙂

I like the form, the scale shape and color and that I got it really razor sharp!