I had a small, old lidless oil drum left over in the shop and decided to turn it into a fire barrel. I call it a “Fassl”, which is the german/bavarian diminutive for “barrel”, so the closest relatable translation would probably be “keg”.

Before using, I wiped the inside down with thinner very thoroughly and burned all residue off with a blowtorch. The dimensions are ~42 x 37cm (dia.). Unfortunately, I left it outside in the rain after the first small burn and now it looks like a trashcan. It was a fun and easy make and I even added some extras to it:

  • Handles (for throwing it away 🙂 )
  • Notches for securing steel rods and skewers
  • Slits at the bottom for better air circulation

 It’s dirty, it’s old and it’s makeshift ⇒ I like it! I will post some action shots this weekend when I’ll have the time to try it out.