I’ve been pondering on a hibachi-style, japanese or chinese inspired indoor grill for over a year now. I want it to work with charcoal (I’m a purist and I don’t like electric grills) and be able to grill yakitori, smaller pieces of meat (yakiniku) or accomodate a clay pot.

I remodeled a cheap tin camping grill (like so) that I got as a giveaway some time ago for this project. It should be suitable for indoor use, thus it should come with a small form factor and fit on a dinner table easily. The heat generation in other directions than upwards should be manageable and a good insulation at the base is mandatory. So I fitted in an oven brick at the bottom and put the whole thing on the remnant of a 3 cm live edge wooden board.

Since it’s intended for indoor use, the charcoal to be used has to burn as smokeless as possible. After a longer time of searching, I found a type of pressed coconut charcoal that is said to suit my needs – seemingly a standard item in asian countries but hard to find and not easily available in germany. Whatever, to be on the safe side, I’ll do the first test outside and then see if it works the way I want.

Edit: Rainy weather all the time. The first real test might have to wait a little…

Dimensions & Materials:

Grill bucket: 17 x 18 cm (dia. bottom) / 23 cm (dia. top), attachments removed, two layers of heat-proof paint, height of feet 6 cm
Oven brick round: 17,5 cm x 1,5 cm (dia.)
Wooden base: 30 x 23 x 3 cm, with groves for the bucket feet, oiled
Extras: Two steel rods for yakitori-skewers, grate, grate handle