As I’m still not able to move around a lot and freely, I’m cooking a lot these days and I’m growing a serious set of love handles from it… For  the first time, I appreciate the benefits of the small northern germany kitchen: Almost everthing I need is within an arm’s reach and I don’t have to stress the broken knee too much.

After rummaging around in the freezer, I found some pike perch fillets and so here’s yesterday’s dinner: 

Pan-fried Pike Perch:


Pike perch fillets for two
1 tbsp. all purpose flour
Some Old Bay Seasoning
Salt & pepper


Pat dry the fish fillets and season the meat side with salt and pepper and a little old bay seasoning. Then dredge in flour on all sides, shaking off the excess.

Heat cooking oil (or, much better: clarified butter) in a pan on high heat. Once hot, reduce the heat to medium and add in the fillets.

Fry for 3-4 mins. on each side until nicely golden brown but take care not to overcook them.

Garlicky Buttered Green Beans:


Green beans for two
1 heaping tbsp. of butter
2 small cloves of garlic
Salt & pepper


Wash and trim the beans and slice the garlic very thinly.

Boil some salted water in a pot and, once boiling, add in the green beans. Cook for 8-10 mins. until tender but not mushy. Strain in a colander.

Melt the butter in the same pot, add in the garlic, and stirring often, let it “melt” until translucent. Reduce the heat to low and add the beans back in. Toss to coat, season with salt and pepper to taste and keep warm until serving.

Potato Gratin:

The gratin came from my mother-in-law this time (very delicious – she’s got a hand for that). I promise to post a recipe here when I make my own again.