I don’t have much opportunity to move around and do “real” work these days, so I chose something that I could do standing at one place and with not much strength and mobility required.

I made a new approach to the Tabletop-Indoor-Grill-Thingy I tried last summer (which worked great), but this time I wanted it to be a little more versatile.

I like the idea of coming together, cooking directly at the table, with everyone being able to poke around on the grill, prepare his own favourite food and have lots of little bits of deliciousness. I wanted it to be multi-purpose for various ways of eating together lively and this is the result.

First of all, it accomodates two ways of firing: Charcoal (I tried low-smoke coconut charcoal before, which I can can strongly recommend) and alternatively an alcohol burner (I use a Trangia™ model).

Secondly, it allows for several uses. Just as a tabletop grill, for example for some yakitori, or the occasional small barbecue. Or it can hold an iron pan safely – I plan to try fried potatoes, bacon strips and the like, and finally I can equip it with a fondue pot which is then heated by the alcohol burner.

Again, it’s made from a store-bought mini grill (something similar to this) that I got hands on for next to nothing. Just as last time its bottom got a layer of firebrick for heat insulation and it sits on a base plate for further protection of the table surface it will later stand on. It has three height levels for the holding bars to be mounted, which will hold the grill, pan or fondue pot on different adjustable distances from the particular heat source.

Can’t wait to try all three…