Last two week’s big project is finally done! I made a chicken coop in the back yard and now I’m waiting for some chickens to move in! Living in a rather rural area, I took great pains in creating an as much as possible predator-proof construction.

It’s a fairly simple structure made from 9×9 cm waterproofed construction wood and some solid wire mesh. The dimensions are 2.5 m x 4 m and 1.8 – 2 m in height, since I was told that’d be sufficient for 4-5 chickens. A store bought wooden chicken house is attached to the back side and the whole thing is surrounded by a battery-powered electric fence that’ll be switched on at night for additional protection from possible predators

The most labour-intensive thing was indeed the wire mesh, since making the whole assembly foxproof was the most detailed and tricky work. I even got hands on some corrugated plastic sheets for a part of the roof from my friendly neighbour, the rest of the roof is closed up with some more wire mesh as well.

I didn’t even follow my own drawings exactly since I adapted to reality as I was going on, but the images below can give you a good idea on how the construction is laid out and how it’s supposed to work. It’s not not completely done yet and I still have several to dos that I want to realize but it’s absolutely ready for chickens!!!