Tentative progress on the new Dry Aging Chamber. I finished designing/planning the electrical wiring and now started the realization. I also made the necessary installations.

Made a fan and an air vent:

A 12V ⤷ computer fan will hopefully do it’s job inside the fridge, mounted with an angle of 45° and engabeable from the future control board on the top. A closeable ventilation hole with a mesh weave in the fridge’s door will allow for internal as well as external air flow.



Made a vaporizer:

I also made a simple vaporizer from a lidded plastic cup and a 24V ⤷ mist generator from the home decor section of the local hardware store. This one will be connected to the ⤷ STC-3028 control unit and increase humiditiy as needed.



Made a junction box:

Lastly, I customized a simple (and, well, ugly) electrical junction box to accommodate all the necessary cable connectors and switches in one place. I hope this will add some tidyness to the projected wiring on the top of the whole construction.