So here’s an image-collection of my big, beautiful, bulky and brave still-a-kitten Lady of the House “Gattina”. A german slang word for a cute small kitten is “Maunzele” (“Meower”) and that’s what I still call her – and “Gattina” is Italian for “Kitten” – that says it all, although she’s really more of a “Big Mama” by now… 馃檪

It’s been 12 years now since we’ve raised her with a feeding bottle as an abandoned, meager and starving little creature. Lots of love, cuddles and petting made her the big, pretty Mama she is now and she returns the favour every day. She’s my best-ever pal, always-there rescuer when I need some love and  she’s the reason why I like pets better than most people.