Do – one! The first test took place when it wasn’t even completely finished and I already liked it so much. Enough space to work and mess around, a comfortable height and all the little accommodations I like when having a barbecue. Of course there’s still room for improvement (an LED light, brackets for a sunshade, etc.), but that’s peanuts and there’s no hurry for that 🙂


It has many features on it that I like when grilling, such as (on the front) hooks and a bar for holding towels etc., another hook for barbecue tongs and of course a beer bottle opener. On the countertop, there’s a kitchen towel holder, an integrated trash bin and brackets for a toilet paper torch. The grill bowl itself is removable and easy to reach from below, the cutout is heat-insulated with oven tape. The whole thing is height-adjustable.


What I still miss:

Not too much indeed, luckily: I plan on giving it a snap-on LED light for the countertop, some holders for a removable sunshade and a reasonable, insulating and fireproof support plate for the pizza oven.


(Rough and sketchy) Drawing & Materials Overview:

   – 18 x boards, 200 x 15 x 1,8 cm
   – 3 x beams, 250 x 9 x 9 cm
   – 12 x roof lathes, 250 x 4,5 x 2 cm
   – Drywall screws, 4 x 40 mm
   – Brackets, 20 mm
   – 8 drive-in nuts, M10
   – 8 screw-in feet, M10
   – Outdoor wood paint, Brillux™, palisander
   – Some tar dye
   – Loads of odds and ends

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