Well, I did much planning and designing for a brick BBQ- and grill table, but let’s be honest, that will be a endeavor for my next life. Top of the list. Just for now, I resorted to good old wood.

This is not a cozy winter project and I want to complete it now, in summer, when I’m able to work outside where I have enough space to fool around (also, I have to assemble the whole thing in the garden, since I wouldn’t even be able to squeeze it through the basement door 馃檪 )

These are the beginnings. The basic frame is set up and now I can proceed calculating the wood I need for the tabletop, itemize the many, many missing small parts and get it done and painted finally. Monday will be hardware-store-day. When it’s done, I’ll provide a materials list as well as a decent drawing, right now, most of the plan exists only in my head.

All parts of the table building process: Part I – Part IIPart III