Since I’ve been asked, this is my standard cooking equipment. Oddly, when digging through my kitchen cupboards I found that it is not so very much. Of course there’s some more, since kitchen utensils have a tendency to accumulate like old socks in your drawer, but I don’t use everything regularly. I do almost everything with a very manageable amount of rudimental, yet essential tools that I use everyday:


You really don’t need a lot of fancy and special kitchen knives. One single good chefs knife (mine is a so-called Santoku) is perfectly enough – with time comes training. You won’t regret investing in a high-quality blade.

Keep it  nice and sharp, always have a sharpening steel at hand and never put it in the dishwasher.


The further tools that I use regularly – pretty self-explanatory.

Yet, I found out for myself that having a simple tablespoon at hand at all times is a game-changer. It’s good for almost everything from stirring up sauces to tasting food and even to turning things over in your pan. It might not be overly professional, but it’s very convenient. After my knife, a spoon is my most touched kitchen item.


Over time I have hoarded up several pots and saucepans, but I found that I actually use the same three everytime. Nonetheless, since I’m lazy I’m glad I have two of each, so one can rot in the dishwasher while I have a second one at hand for use.

Also, a colander and/or a sieve is indispensable for me.


Two types of pans, two types of cooking. I love my cast iron pan for everything that needs serious heat (for example a nice steak) and my non stick pans for the slower pace, like for veggies, making pasta sauces, etc.

Invest in heavy quality that’ll last for a long time and take good care of your cast iron cookware. 


I like oven roasting because it’s easy and convenient. Put that shit onto a tray, shove it into the oven and forget about it until ready. I like those cheap aluminium baking sheets for roasting veggies and such as well as a deeper dish for meats.


Some uncategorizable items that I use on a regular basis: A vegetable peeler, of course (buy the Y-shaped ones, they’re cheap and easy to handle).

I find an oven thermometer is useful when roasting meat and you’re not a professional chef. I don’t like to rely on guessing doneness and rather get myself on the safe side by using a precise thermometer.

I also really like those screw-on nozzles for my oil bottles. They are anti-mess and make it very easy to dispense the right amount of liquid.

And the inevitable measuring cups etc.


Various stuff that’s cool but not so important: