I took the bacon out of the drying box today and did a little taste-test. It tastes absolutely great, though absolutely nothing like the bacon the classically skilled western european ist used to. It is very dry on the outside, yet juicy and soft enough on the inside to be yummy.

The only thing that I’m worrying about is that it doesn’t contain any of the preservative agents that I’m familiar with when making bacon (especially curing salt). Thus, I don’t know how long it’ll last on the shelf.

And unlike displayed in the video, I strongly recommend to remove the skin before curing! It gets tough as old boots. As with all bacon: Don’t store it in an airtight container because it will always give off some more moisture and thus turn somewhat like soggy (and, in the extreme case, even moldy).

On the whole: A little adaptation necessary, but very yummy and absolutely worth the effort.

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