I wanted to add a means of heating to my meat drying box (e.g. here or here) so I can also make some beef jerky or biltong directly in it. What I eventually came up with is a 100W heating bulb for… terrariums! Just added a drip plate and mounted it to the already provided (and sealable) hole in the back wall. Looks nice by now.

With the ventilation running, it is warm enough for south african “Biltong” (simulating hanging it up in the open african air), but not warm enough for north american “Beef Jerky”. Thus, I’ll try to set up some kind of  temperature/ventilation control (in order to ensure a proper air exchange), turning on and off each the one and the other as needed – perhaps with just a simple timer clock. Let’s see. I’ll update on this one.


Temperatures needed:

Beef jerky: ~ 40-50 °C
Biltong: ~ 35 °C (ventilated)
Air drying: ~ 21 °C (room temp., no heating needed)

Tested achieved temperatures:

½ hour without ventilation fan running: 49 °C
½ hour with ventilation fan running: 36 °C