We got a new chicken-quarantine-box (a former luxury guinea pig enclosure, with large windows, better ventilation and easy access), so we were able to re-purpose the trusty old one: Now it’s a raised bed for the SO’s perennial strawberry plants.

It’s painted with two coats of wood preservative and lined with a waterproof dimpled sheeting for moisture protection. It’s got a plastic liner at the bottom as well as a drain hole. I hope the end strips at the top edges will add to additional rain protection.

It’s now ready to be filled – we plan the following:

1. Branches, twigs and tree bark for the bottom layer. Best is to stamp this down and compress it a little to a height of about 30 cm.

2. Leaves, grass clippings and wood chips will go in next, about 30 – 40 cm thick.

3. The last and topmost layer will be good quality garden soil, mixed with as much homemade compost as we can muster.