Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about Germany, the country where I was born and raised, where I have lived all my life and that was a decent, advanced industrialized nation about just one year ago. Now, our current green-leftist government is obviously diligently working hard on passing the nation right downwards to the third world.


This includes (among much else) meanwhile even official bodies declaring large-scale blackouts well possible this winter – due to our amateurishly conducted and eventually disastrous “energy turnaround”. Not even a year ago, people articulating the exact same warnings were disparaged as “nazis” (will always work in germany), “conspiracy theorists” or simply “weirdos”. I’m proud to state that I was one of them 馃檪

State of Play

So, aside from the usual government-friendly press organs, many by all means reputable media throughout the country publish articles and coverage that you can distill to “it’s not about if it happens, but just when“. Even the “BBK” (“Bundesamt f眉r Bev枚lkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe”, germany’s equivalent of some department of homeland security), issued updated and extended guidelines on how to prepare and stockpile for ten to fourteen days of energy collapse.

So I (and, apparently, like me, many people in the country meanwhile) pondered the situation and adapted my own precaution plans. The result is my updated 10 days Bug-In checklist as well as my revised Car get home kit.

Bug-In Checklist

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